Fleet and Logistics Management

About Fleet and Logistics Management

We provide prompt, flexible, affordable, efficient fleet management services ranging from the regular and to the exotic state of the art cars, buses, assets and equipment’s etc.

Our services are designed to suit your daily personnel and goods movement within and outside Lagos including the provision of well trained, experienced, motivated and dedicated drivers.

Fleet Scheme

Plan A

  • Purchase Operational vehicles
  • Insurance of vehicles (Comprehensive)
  • Vehicle Telematic (Tracking & Diagnosing Machine)
  • Provision of Vehicles Accessories Quarterly
  • Provide trained, experienced & cultured chauffers’
  • Provision of vehicles 24/7
  • Provide replacement of vehicle in case of accident of maintenance
  • Provide additional vehicles within 72hours of client request
  • Option for clients to buy after the lease

Plan B

This involves short term car rental service from our existing fleet of vehicles like saloon cars, buses and SUVs. The cost shall be dependent on the type of vehicle requested and tenor of the services.


  • Better control of Administration expenses
  • Reduced down time
  • Replacement of vehicle in case of break down.
  • Planned cash flow
  • Comprehensive Insurance cover
  • Regular service and Maintenance
  • Reduce fleet size
  • Fuel management
  • Reduction in supply base
  • Improved efficiency
  • Monitor costs